Chicken Nugget Alliance


Video Installation

Realizing that the Internet is a great tool for bridging societal gaps in my region, I joined the Out of Kuwait artist residency to initiate an online project. Kuwait is a semi-democracy consisting of a government that is intrinsic to the ruling monarchy, and a parliament representing the people. With the parliamentary elections around the corner, I decided to run an online campaign. In an attempt to mock our walled up societal and political circles, I created an exclusive Facebook group only for Chicken Nuggets. Chicken nuggets are fully western educated Kuwaitis, a mocking term, sort of like Yuppies.

You needed to be invited or accepted to join. My policies were appropriated from different politicians in the western hemisphere and my campaign ads were in Arabic/English. I exhibited all the information in front of a campaign tent that showcased a life size projection of my campaign speech. In it, I press for an open-minded society, cleaner roads, more parks and a national dance every Tuesday at 6pm on the streets. Change, we all want change, that is what ties us together.