Winner of Art Jameel Commission - in collaboration with Alia Farid

“Contrary Life” is a botanical garden of artificial trees comprised of six islands, each named after a different urban enclave where concentrations of these trees can be found: Sharjah, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Shuwaikh, Zaabel and Ahmadi. The site-specific work riffs on our relationship to the natural world and are the outcome or environmental and social research on regional symbology, flora, and popular culture. The open-air installation is a collaboration between Aseel AlYaqoub and Alia Farid, and the winner of the first Art Jameel commission.

The installation was on display for a year and showed signs of deterioration and became desaturated over time, emphasising on the idea that even artificial elements cannot sustain the region’s environment.

Tree Variations

Plans + Elevations