Culture Fair | Today & Tomorrow

Limited Edition offset prints 

In Today, three concepts for postage stamps are proposed, presenting vignettes of Kuwait’s current culture and external politics. Inspired from an old stamp celebrating ‘Traffic Day’, Entrepreneurial Day appropriates Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks diner and re-situates it off Mubarak AlKabeer Street in the city of Kuwait. The originally quiet diner is packed with young familiar faces indulging in selfies, burgers and coffee. It is a private soft-opening, exclusive and elite. Due to its obscure location, the street is empty apart from an immigrant worker sweeping in the background and a couple waiting to be seated.

Tomorrow presents proposals for the future and expresses attitudes of tradition and cultural appropriation that will follow us all the way into space. Architectural Fantasies is a nod towards Russian constructivist architect Yakov Chernikhov. In the centre of the stamp is one of his designs for a future city that carries similar spheres to those on the Kuwait Towers. The architectural regional race to building cities on islands and arid deserts continues outwards into space, presenting the citizens with hope and aspiration.