Biltagag Ily Yiteg-hom (To Hell With Them)

120 x 150 cm (framed

6 layer screen print on paper, text directly printed on baseball bat, video on loop

The Kuwaiti dialect developed unique expressions, proverbs and sayings that are exclusive due to the cultural context that lend them meaning. The terms are untranslatable as they cannot be straightforwardly expressed in any language but it’s own. This specific idiom (Biltagag Ily Yiteg-hom) is used in a forceful and dismissive way to say that one does not care about someone or something. The verb in the term is 'to hit' and gives a sense of imaginative physical release for the person using this idiom. The work attempts to visually translate this saying by using the first part of the expression (Biltagag) as a floating piñata, and the second part (ily Yiteg-hom) as a baseball bat. The piñata acts as the imaginative soundboard by which the viewer can use the physical bat to release their frustration on. 

Although it is viewed as an aggressive expression, one that must not be said to elders or parents, it is actually quite passive. It can be seen as a mantra i.e. This too shall pass, as it isolates the frustration into words rather than action. The looping video acts as a journal shared by the artist in an attempt to release her frustration through visual language. Although the objects of disgruntlement are never physically affected, the action of swinging in the air, blindly, is sufficient.